What to Expect When You Go To a Chiropractor

Wanting to know what to expect when you go to a chiropractor is normal if you’ve never been to one before. There are so many mixed opinions and perceptions about what a chiropractor really does so it’s not surprising that someone would have questions or even apprehensions about going in for an appointment.

Something to remember is that even though they do not prescribe medicine, chiropractors are indeed doctors who have had 7 or 8 years of post secondary schooling which includes university as well as chiropractic college so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands when go to see a chiropractor. And just like with any other visit to a doctor, your appointment will first begin with the chiropractor asking you what you’re feeling that has prompted a visit to him or her in the first place and may then perform a simple examination of the area that you’re concerned with. They will answer all of your questions and then explain what course of action they believe is needed to help you with your complaint or ailment. This means letting you know what they believe is the cause of the problem and how they intend to help you.

The next step will be to begin your treatment. In some cases it’s a matter of one adjustment while some others may require more than one or even a combination of adjustments and ART (Active Release Techniques) which are movements that work the soft tissues like muscles and ligaments which can become sore and tight from overuse or injury. Some chiropractors also use EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) to help to loosen you up and gently work your muscles before an adjustment. All of these treatments will involve having you sit or lie on an exam/massage table where the movements and adjustments will all be performed. While none of the techniques or adjustments cause any pain, you may experience some discomfort with ART if you are already having pain in that area. Actual chiropractic adjustments do not cause any kind of pain or discomfort and in some cases may provide a feeling of instant relief depending on your condition and symptoms.