What Makes a Good Chiropractor?

What makes a good chiropractor isn’t something that has a simple answer because it’s actually a combination of things that will determine whether or not a particular chiropractor is a good choice. The most important thing before anything else is to make sure that he or she is of course a licensed chiropractor! If you have any question as to whether or not a chiropractor is licensed or have a feeling that something is ‘off’, then that is NOT the chiropractor for you. It should go without saying, but any chiropractor that makes you question whether or not they are legitimate is not a good chiropractor. Going to someone who comes highly recommended by a person you trust may help you to find a good chiropractor. Asking your family doctor or local hospital for a referral to a good chiropractor is one way to know that you’re getting a legitimate one.

Chiropractor’s often sell products related to natural health such as special pillows with neck or lumbar support, exercise equipment to help you with special stretches and moves at home and sometimes even supplements. A good chiropractor will only carry products that he or she truly believes in and will only ever recommend them if they really feel that a patient would benefit from them based on their condition. A chiropractor who tries to push products on you that you don’t need and is seems to be in it for the money is not someone that you want to continue to see. This is about your health, not money.

Something else that sets some chiropractors apart from others is their bedside manner, meaning the way they treat people. You want a chiropractor that approaches his or her job and patients with a positive attitude. A good chiropractor isn’t only well trained and professional but they should also understand people and what human interaction is all about. You don’t need to be best friends with your chiropractor but having one who is positive, helpful and treats patients with respect is important so that you look forward to keeping your appointments and looking after your health as opposed to avoiding them like the plague!