What Chiropractic is all about?

Chiropractic, also considered as a complementary and alternate medicine, is a health care oriented discipline. Chiropractic is all about diagnosis of the disorders that affect the general health, their treatment and prevention. The method of diagnosis is based on the coordination of the nervous system with rest of the body. Sometimes due to abnormal functions of the nervous system, the delicate nerves of the spine get pinched or manipulated which are in turn corrected by a well-defined treatment.

The history of this mode of treatment dates back to 1890s when D.D.Palmer applied his knowledge of magnetic healing and manual therapies to give birth to Chiropractic. He started the treatment of a janitor, who had been deaf for 17 years due to an injury in the upper spine. Palmer treated the janitor’s injured vertebrae and gradually restored his hearing ability. Thus, he concluded that the hub of communication of the nerves in a human body lies in the spinal canal and the areas poorly aligned or under stress can disrupt the functioning of the spinal nerves. The inborn ability of the body to heal itself is also hampered when any spinal irregularities occur.

Chiropractic discipline believes in the art of healing of the body by itself when the nerves, muscles or tissue are corrected and aligned properly, especially in the spine. A Chiropractic practitioner deftly uses his hands as a tool to correct or properly align the misplaced vertebrae. Misplaced vertebrae can be a cause of nerve disorder and can result in a condition of subluxation and cause hindrance in the proper functioning of the nerve thus, leading to pain and illness. Further negligence of this condition can also lead to spreading of the pain in other parts of the body.

The healing method is an alternative treatment method also termed as alternate or a complementary mode of treatment, but surprisingly is covered by many insurance plans just like the mainstream treatments are. This method is ideal to cure dysfunctional nerves of the spine, lower back pain and headache. The usefulness of this method is also seen in the treatment of dysmenorrheal, migraines, infant colic and ear infections, without the use of medicines, drugs or complications of any serious surgery.