How Different Types of Chiropractic Help in Relieving Pain

Chiropractic treatment is a complementary or alternative medicinal practice. When a normal nerve is unable to function properly often due to displaced vertebrae or spinal cord malfunction, chiropractic treatment can be useful. Daniel David Palmer initiated this stream in 1895 after researching all human health problems that can be treated and healed after proper alignment of spine.

Health problems due to blockage or bending of nerves, due to misplaced vertebrae, injury or accident come under chiropractic problems. These problems can cause lower back pain, pain in neck, arms, upper legs and in rigid joints.

Types of Chiropractic Treatments for Above Mentioned Problems are:

  • Straight - This type of chiropractic treatment is ideal for misaligned vertebra that eventually leads to various health problems and diseases that patients suffer from. According to a study, a misaligned vertebra or vertebral disc exerts pressure on the nerve or on the nerve root, which results in pain and various health related problems. In this type of chiropractic cure, these misalignments are set right and the nerves are relieved off the pressure. 
  • Mixer This is another of the types of chiropractic treatment. In this method, chiropractors employ a combination of treatment plans in addition to conventional chiropractic spine maneuvering techniques. Mixer chiropractors use various diagnostic tools like X-rays, ultrasound and other techniques to analyze cause of the disorder. The additional treatments include acupuncture, naturopathic treatment, diet and nutrition, and massages apart from regular spine treatment to help set right subluxations. 
  • Reform In this type, chiropractors give a lot of importance to regular medicine. In this category, chiropractic is used extensively to treat problems related to the musculoskeletal disorders. These chiropractors are mainstream medicine oriented and allow only limited use of chiropractic treatment method.

There are Two Other Types of Chiropractic Care Administered to the Patients, Which are:

  • Pain-Relief Chiropractic Care - Attention is focused on relieving the patients from severe aches and pains due to misalignment of the vertebrae. It is a short-term relief treatment that helps the patient to overcome pain for the time being. Chiropractors use various other treatment modalities like electro stimulation, acupuncture and laser to provide pain relief on a permanent basis. 
  • Traditional Chiropractic Care This type of chiropractic emphasizes on correction or fixture of the misaligned spine in an attempt to provide relief from pain. The practitioners believe that once the spine is properly aligned to its normal position and compression of the nerve stops, the pain and other associated symptoms will cease.
Despite chiropractic popularity and increasing application, its practice is still considered controversial to some extent due to lack of scientific evidence. Although scientists and mainstream medical practitioners acknowledge the utility of chiropractic in relieving back ache and restoring health, the concept of subluxation is still a topic of dispute.