Chiropractor and Neck Pain

The chiropractor and neck pain is sort of a match made in heaven really. For someone who suffers from neck pain, a trip to the chiropractor is often all it takes to feel relief. In some cases its visits to the chiropractor that can prevent neck pain from coming back or even from happening in the first place.

Chiropractors use spinal column adjustments to restore the spine’s proper alignment which can ease and even eliminate pain. Neck pain can range from mild to severe and even border on debilitating for some people. The thing about neck pain is that it can also be responsible for other types of pain as well, such as headaches. Going in for a neck adjustment is often all someone needs to relieve a severe headache, that’s because a neck adjustment (also known as an upper cervical adjustment) is able to release tension and restore your range of motion so that your pain subsides.

For those who have never been to a chiropractor it’s common to be a little apprehensive about a neck manipulation since many people who don’t know better envision the doctor twisting their head around and cracking the neck! You can rest assured though that neck adjustments do not cause any kind of pain and are far from uncontrolled or harsh movements that could cause injury to the patient. Just like any other doctor, a doctor of chiropractic will be gentle and precise when handling any patient and use his extensive training to treat the patient. As a matter of fact while we’re on the subject of doctors and training, a person’s apprehension about chiropractic adjustments often has much to do with the misconception that chiropractors are not doctors. The truth of the matter is that chiropractors are doctors of chiropractic who need to complete the same amount of post secondary education in order to be licensed. This includes seven to eight years spent at university and Chiropractic College, board exams and then continuing education and annual board testing in order to stay licensed as a doctor of chiropractic. And if you’re still afraid that neck adjustments are unsafe or painful, it may help you to know that chiropractic adjustments are even safe for babies, children and seniors which shows you just how gentle they are.

A chiropractor can treat your neck pain whether it was caused by strain, everyday wear and tear as well as other conditions. They can relieve the pain associated with degenerative disk disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more. As well, a properly aligned spinal column allows your central nervous system to function as it should which can have all kinds of other health benefits on top of pain relief. The link between a chiropractor and neck pain isn’t only about getting instant relief from the pain but also about optimal health overall. A neck that is out of alignment could be responsible for a lot more than just the pain, but other ailments as well. These are all things that a chiropractor can help you with.