The Revolting Medicinal System of Chiropractics

People right down the ages have tried to understand the mechanics behind the functioning of the human body. There have been numerous reasons for it, but one of the main reasons is to find a way to treat the human body suffering from various diseases, or to prevent it from falling victim to any kind of ailment. One such system that was evolved in the late nineteenth century is the system known as the chiropractics. This system of treatment has seen some of the most turbulent phase right from the time of its inception. The primary reason behind the criticism that it has faced is because of the philosophy that it is based on.

According to Chiropractics, almost all the ailments the human body faces or suffers from can be cured by working on the musculoskeletal system primarily the spinal system as it can affect the general well being of the human being through the nervous system. By making the adjustments in the spine it is possible to cure the diseases especially the mechanical disorders effectively. Over the course of evolution of this system of treatment it has been bifurcated into two branches-the straights, and the mixers.

The straights believe in the original basis of the chiropractics that are vitality, innate intelligence, along with the spinal adjustments. These lines of thought are now in minority. They strictly abhor the principals of the modern day medical science and firmly adhere to the rudimentary principals.

The other category is known as the mixers. The practitioners of this category believe in the amalgamation of the mainstream system of medicine, the alternative system of medicine like massage, exercise, nutritional supplements and also acupuncture, along with the basic principals of chiropractics.

Some of the Rudimentary Principals of Chiropractics are:

  • Conservatism
  • Homeostasis
  • Holism