Common Ailments for Which People Seek Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic method is suggested for treatment of misalignment and dislocation of vertebrae that causes severe pain in parts of the body. Due to excessive pressure on spinal nerves they cease to function and cause disorders and health problems in the body.

People who suffer from this syndrome have various health problems such as:

Wrist Sprains and Strains:

  • Often result from a traumatic accident or from an overuse or repetitive motion injury. 
  • Patient complains of immediate pain after a particular activity or motion.
  • Sprain or  strain around the wrist will show signs of swelling.
  • Injured tissue will be extremely sensitive to any movement that involves use of either the muscle or the ligament.
  • Overloading the wrist joint or by forcing it beyond its normal range of motion, or exceeding the strength of the ligaments leads to wrist sprains and strains. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Due to limited space and complex placing of nerves, arteries and veins, get compressed causing pain and numbness in hand.
  • Thumb and inner three fingers, suffer from pain along with weakness and muscular atrophy.
  • Person involved in an occupation that requires repetitive motion of hand, wrist or fingers suffers from this syndrome.


  • This is caused due to overuse or repetitive motion of tendons.
  • ‘Blackberry thumb’, a repetitive stress injury of the thumb as a result of overusing small gadget keypads.
  • Tendonitis is also caused due to increase in use of blackberry phones and miniature keyboards that are associated with the new phones.
  • During this syndrome sharp pain is felt during the repetitive motion
  • Minor swelling and tender to palpation is felt by the involved tendon.    

Migraine headaches:

  • Irritation of nerves of the upper cervical or the upper neck spine causes headaches.
  • Headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder tension and reduced ability to move your neck are other reasons why chiropractic care is needed by the patient suffering from these ailments.


  • Extreme amount of trauma along with damage to the surrounding structures of arteries, veins and nerves
  • Bones may not be fully dislocated, but are not aligned in their proper position.
  • A lot of pain on using the wrist and hand
  • Patient may complain of wrist pain that may further develop into trauma.


  • Painful movement of wrist during its initial movement
  • Significant injury to ones wrist, its dislocation or a broken bone
  • Symptoms of swelling, reduction in movement

Above mentioned are some of the common ailments for which people seek chiropractic care.