Types and Significance of Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic techniques are developed to treat the abnormalities in neuro-musculoskeletal functioning, specifically mobility and nerve impairment connecting the spine and muscles. It has been done through the various hands-on manipulations and muscle mobilization movements, which are collectively known as chiropractic adjustments.

As per the research, there are more than 50 established chiropractic adjustments that count under around 20 different types of chiropractic techniques. To give the best treatment, most of the expert and knowledgeable chiropractors use combination of two or more chiropractic techniques for a particular problem in a given point of time.

One of the most significant and effective manipulation techniques is Bio-Energetic Synchronization; under this technique, chiropractors use gentle pressure to remove and mobilize blocked energy within the nerve channels. Further, the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, or simply BEST tries to stabilize the body’s energy field and helps it to work in synchronization with the central nervous system.

However, the dysfunction of the sacrum, or the base of the spine is treated by the Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). This technique also effectively treats the occiput, i.e. the small area at the base of the skull that forms the top of the spine. In fact, the movement between these two points is explained as the cranial sacral respiratory mechanism that must of consistent. Hence, the inconsistency occurred in its movement due to any reason is corrected by this technique. It ultimately improves the flow of energy that is key to treat nerve dysfunction. Furthermore, it also helps to relieve ear infections, temporomandibular joint disorder, chronic headaches, and vertigo.

Cox Flexion Distraction is another important chiropractic technique that particularly targets compressed discs of the spine and readjust them to reduce lower back pain. With the help of this therapy, the lower spine is gently and slowly stretched; while doing this, chiropractors use a series of decompression adjustments.

This Chiropractic Technique Have Two Objectives:

  • Primarily, it supports by increasing the present metabolites of the impaired disc that ultimately reduces inflammations and improve nerve function.
  • Secondly, it is aimed to restore range of motion to the spinal joints.
Apart from all these effective chiropractic techniques, many of the chiropractic doctors also use other techniques to address the soft-tissue inflammation, such as gentle massage, and the application of heat or ice, depending upon the problems of the patients. Normally, the instructions a chiropractic doctor gives to his patients with chiropractic care are - to take the balance and nutritious diet, meditation, and some botanical medicines.