An Understanding of the Chiropractic Philosophy

The chiropractic philosophy although in some ways akin to the other systems of medicine is quite different from them as far as certain aspects of the treatment methodologies are concerned. There are two major rudimentary concepts on which the chiropractic philosophy is based, they are:
  • The structure as well as the condition of the body determines how it would function as well how it would be able to heal itself from various ailments that might impinge on it.
  • The exact relationship between the mind and the body would determine the ability of the individual in fighting the diseases, in maintaining health, a well as in any kind of healing process.
Some of the principals of the chiropractic therapy might be similar to the other systems of medicine, but the beliefs as well as the manner of application of these principals distinguishes it from the other forms of medicine. The chiropractic philosophy believes in the holistic treatment of the patient rather than the treatment of the symptoms that the patient might be exhibiting. The firm belief of the chiropractic way of treatment is that in order to treat the ailment that the patient might be suffering from it is necessary to include the mind, body, as well as the spiritual aspect of the patient. The chiropractic philosophy believes in the fact that the general well being of the human body can only be possible if there is obedience to the natural laws that govern the universe in general. A little deviation from these laws can lead to the individual falling prey to ailments as well as other maladies.

The Principals That the Chiropractic Philosophy Firmly Adheres to are:

  1. Emboldening the patient’s convalescing abilities in fighting the treatment rather than relying on the surgeries or other difficult form of treatments.
  2. There is an inherent relationship between the lifestyle of the individual as well as the environment that he is living in and his overall wellbeing
  3. Fathoming the real cause of the ailment rather than the just focusing on the symptoms
  4. Realizing the fact that the nervous system of the human body is at the centre of all the actions that the human body performs and also the capability of the human body.
  5. The patient centric approach towards the healing of the individual and influencing the functionality through strengthening the structure.
To give a precise definition of the chiropractic philosophy, it would be something like this- an effectual blend of open mindedness, critical thinking, as well as a sincere appreciation of the natural order of things.