Chiropractic Doctors: Not Regular Medical Doctors

Chiropractic is a health care practice that emphasizes on diagnosis, prevention and subsequent treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.The study of Chiropractic is related to the structure and functions of the nervous system.

For an individual to start as a Chiropractic Doctor or a Chiropractor, a minimum of four years of undergraduate education or four years of chiropractic college course is mandatory. On an average, a Chiropractor should have 6 years of medical education to practice as a Chiropractic Doctor. A full fledged basic science examination under the State Board of Examination must be passed in order to become a chiropractic practitioner. Along with that, a rigid State Board of Chiropractic examination must be passed inclusive of training and receiving of license in order to become a Chiropractor, by profession.

A Chiropractor diagnoses and treats patients facing problems of musculoskeletal system and evaluates the effects of these problems on the health and nervous system of the patient. A Chiropractor deals with spine and its working system. Its study is mainly based on the principles of spinal joint misalignment and its interference with the nervous system, which can affect the immune system and overall health of the person. Chiropractors like any other fellow health practitioner, follow a standard procedure of examining a patient’s health history and checks the lab results of physical, orthopedic and neurological examinations. The practitioner emphasis on diagnostic images of spine and its proper functioning in order to determine an appropriate treatment necessary for permanent correction of the problem.

Unlike other medical doctors, a chiropractic doctor cannot prescribe drugs or medication in a chiropractic care. They diagnose and suggest treatments for misalignment of bones, headaches, stiffness and pain in neck, hips, legs, shoulders and arms.

Also seen as a permanent correction, chiropractic care is safe in nature with no dangerous side effects and patients almost immediately feel relieved from pain.