Contribution of Chiropractic Activator in the Field of Chiropractic Cure

A Chiropractic activator is a small hand-held device or an adjusting instrument used to deliver precisely measured, gentle thrusts in a specific direction. This chiropractic activator method is considered unique among all the researched chiropractic techniques.  Chiropractic activator employs a series of isolation tests under the observation of a doctor.

A Chiropractic activator is a hand-held instrument that looks similar to a 6- inch pogo stick. The instrument has a spring inside, which delivers high-speed, but gentle thrusts to a specific misaligned vertebrae or a rigid joint via a small rubber tip. By using the activator, the patient’s muscle resistance is lowered and suitable adjustments are made. A typical manual adjustment is different from the Chiropractic activator method. A manual adjustment requires the chiropractor to bend and twist the patient into positions that are not natural to the body; on the other hand, Chiropractic activator offers a simple, quick and uncomplicated solution.

The activator is painless and swift in its work.  This mode of treatment is effective on spine pain, joint pain or any other kind of muscular pain making it an ideal treatment for an athlete or a physically active individual.

The Chiropractic activator has been specifically tested and developed for Chiropractic cure. This is ideal for treatment of different body parts such as knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles, spine and joints of the jaw. The gentle nature of the treatment makes it comfortable, even for those who have suffered serious injuries at work, on road or at home. Chiropractic activator treatment is one of the safest chiropractic techniques, if implemented properly.

Some of the Advantages of This Treatment are:

  • Protects the body from diseases and pain.
  • Recovers the innate ability of the body to heal itself.
  • Treats a variety of health problems like dysfunction of spinal vertebrae, rigid joints and pain in neck, arms, legs and headaches.
  • Maintains optimal health without the use of drugs or any other complex surgery.
This unique healing method by the use of chiropractic activator has gained popularity among the masses.