Chiropractic Activator Tool as a Small Instrument Used to Realign Bones

Chiropractic Activator Tool was created by Arlan Fuhr in 1960 with spring-load tool called the activator. It was aesthetically made to manipulate the spine and considered as an alternative method to the manual techniques.

The device physically looks like a small hand-held spring which can create a small impulse to the spine by creating stimulation in vertebrae but not an injury. The patient feels a small shock at the applied part of body however it is not so much painful that one can not bear the pain. The patient is made to lie in a horizontal position comparing the functional leg lengths mostly one leg shorter than other. The chiropractor places the tip of the chiropractic activator against the area of the back to be manipulated. He then adjusts the angle of the intended pressure. While doing so chiropractor takes care of patients and makes him feel comfortable. The chiropractor applies pressure to the chiropractic activator by squeezing his hand together.  Then a series of tests carried by chiropractors, like pressing on vertebra. If chiropractor finds shorter leg to be even shorter after testing, it consider as a sign that the problem is in that vertebra.

The chiropractic activator is the result of 35 years of research and development. It has been found to be an effective tool for crooked joints of the jaw, knees, wrists and ankles. Chiropractic Activator Tool can be safely used on patients of any age.

Today it has become a popular way of treatment in USA. The chiropractics is considered as one of the modern techniques for treatments of muscle and joint pains, it just create a stimuli to nerve cells and makes them active. A survey by National Board of Chiropractic shows that 70 percent of American chiropractors use the activator procedure in their practices and found it most reliable technique.

Scientist have conducted a number of studies on AMCT, including clinical studies and trials which have suggested that the activator tool would be an effective manual tool for treatment of back pain which is very common world wide, but still there are many unanswered questions.