Are Chiropractors Safe?

People commonly wonder if chiropractors are safe and the answer to that is yes. In spite of the misconceptions about chiropractors performing dangerous, bone-breaking maneuvers on a body, millions of people continue to seek chiropractic care each year and have been shown to be satisfied with the results they get.

Chiropractors are doctors. This is a fact that many people still don’t realize! To become a licensed doctor of chiropractic a person needs to complete anywhere from seven to eight years of post secondary education which is just as many years as any other doctor. They require a university diploma with an emphasis on biosciences and then are required to complete a 3to 4 year curriculum with an accredited chiropractic college where instead of learning about pharmacology and surgery they instead focus on radiology, neurology and chiropractic adjustments of the spinal column. Only upon the successful completion of the listed education can they become licensed doctors of chiropractic. And, they are required to continue their education throughout their careers as well as take regular board exams in order to remain licensed. This leaves you with very well trained, competent doctors who are able to treat you effectively, and yes, safely.

To help you to answer your question, are chiropractors safe, you may also be interested in knowing that chiropractors are also able to perform adjustments on babies, children and seniors who tend to be more fragile than the rest of us. These adjustments do nothing more than align the various parts of your spinal column back to their intended location. The moves require enough pressure in order to do their job but they are not hard enough to cause damage or even any pain at all. The adjustments are learned through years of extensive training and practice so you don’t need to worry about pain. And because they are used to restore your spinal column to its intended alignment and function, it’s perfectly safe. What is unsafe is going through life with a spinal column that is out of place and experiencing tension which can cause pain as well as neurological problems. Also, chiropractic is considered one of the safest forms of healthcare because it can treat you without the use of surgeries or even medications and drugs that can have side effects and impact the health of your liver and kidneys.

At one time there were questions regarding a link between neck (upper cervical) adjustments and stroke. After much research it has been shown that neck adjustments don’t put you at any greater risk of a stroke than any of your everyday movements like tilting your head back to look up to the sky or leaning it to the side to hold your telephone. It would take a much faster and more intense maneuver to cause the type of stroke in question, so you can rest assured that a chiropractor won’t do anything that could be dangerous to your health or his career! Chiropractors are not only completely safe but also very effective.